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Facility Features

The rental process for self storage is a lot like the process of moving into a new residence, exhausting and often stressful. For starters, you have to make two rent payments, one to your residence and another to your chosen storage provider. Unfortunately, this unpleasant step can't be avoided unless you own your home. Ask about our move-in specials and discount programs to see if we can lower your monthly payment. You also have to sign a contract with the owner/operator of your new space. Rental agreements frequently surpass 20 pages that consist mostly of convoluted legal jargon claiming to nullify most of your rights as a tenant. If you choose to rent with us, you will be pleasantly surprised to find your rental agreement is not only brief (we’re talking a page long), but also written using everyday terms that clearly communicate the terms of your agreement with Self Storage at Inverness. Once we receive the initial payment on your storage unit and the contract has been signed and dated, you're ready to start moving your items into storage! We keep complementary moving equipment in the leasing office to assist you with any heavy or bulky items you’re storing. Push carts allow you to stack moving boxes in rows of 6-8, tripling your efficiency and saving your back. Our primary goal is to make this challenging moment in your life easier to overcome.

  • Access to Complementary Moving Gear
  • Clean and Spacious Hallways
  • Customized Entry Code
  • Online Reservations
  • Staff On-call for Emergencies

Self Storage at Inverness


197 Inverness Drive W Englewood, CO 80112